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Children sponsorship program 

Children education class, Qambar Square

Night Surveying  Program

Medicine Distribution Program in Pol-e-cherkhy Jail.

LEFAO's Sponsored Students

LEFAO's Sponsored Students

LEFAO Students

LEFAO's Sponsored Students

LEFAO ORG helped1900 females and 3500 children with providing medicines in this crucial time in different districts of Kabul such as: 10th, 21st, 12th, 19th and also in different areas and IDPs in Kabul city.
The medicines are approved and checked in MOPH labs.
We blv that this distribution medicines  and awareness of health and hygiene will help these vulnerable and needy people.
We also request to NGOs and INGOS and formal sectors if possible to provide mobile health clinics to these people.

LEFAO provides vocational training and awareness sessions to higher aged girls and mothers.

A new program in the field of literacy and tailoring has been started in the charqala-e-wazir Abad 

District 10 and District 19 of kabul Province.

(LEFAO) Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Afghanistan Organization celebrated the international children's day on 19th Nov of 2020.

on 24th January LEFAO Celebrated International Education day

on 20th Febeuary 2021LEFAO celebrated the in internaional socile Justice Day the main purpuse of the celebration was to convey the message of zero disctimination and equal treatment of all human begins regardless of the ethnicity, religion, color and background. 

The LEFAO celebrated the international women's day on March 8,2021. The purpose of the celebration was to aware the women to stand on equal foot with men and encourage them to stand for their rights.

​On 21th march LEFAO celebrated Decal Discrimination day in distrect 19 and district 10